-   A Farmers' organisation promoted by KAUSHALYA Foundation, Department of Agriculture (Govt. of Bihar)

      & Small Farmers' Agribusiness Consortium ( Govt. of India) under National Vegetable Initiative.



Produce vegetables without harmful inorganic chemicals.

Our farmers do organic farming. They produce vegetables without using harmful inorganic chemicals. Our farmers use substances which are biologically enhancing to the soil, plant life, animal and human consumers, and growers, use combination of technology and traditional methods to maximize production, which benefits soil fertility, rural livelihood and economic condition of farmers.


Reviving the green revolution in villages.

Our 939 farmer members produce 659,875.11 Qtls (approx) of vegetables from 9,928.84 acre of land every year. Our farmers generally cultivate seasonal vegetables - with main vegetables being , Cauliflower ,Potato, Brinjal, Tomato, Radish, Gourd, Okra, Cucumber and Green Chilli according to the season.


Farmers are equipped with agriculture technology.

For avoid the loss in farm activities and make it profitable through the agro technology, science and management. Our farmers have enhanced the income of farmers and developed efficient farming systems for vegetable cultivation. Our farmers are getting more and more aware with new technology and utilizing even the small land into loads of profit making source.


Skill promotion and technical knowledge development.

Through technical training input, certifications and other quality resources, our farmers have increased the production rate as well as have a better market strategy for better market prices for vegetables. Thus they will minimize of post- harvest losses and increase the production, productivity and profitability of small farmers.


Strengthening and empowering farmers.

We organize training and capacity building activities for member & non-member farmers, these trainings can either be paid training or government funds can be accessed for this activity. We consolidate small & marginal farmers under a common flag and develop entrepreneurship and provide green jobs opportunity.

बाढ़ किसान प्रोड्यूसर कंपनी लिमिटेड


Barh Kishan Producer Company Limited (BHKPCL) is a farmer producer company formed by Indian farmers located in Barh block of Patna district in the state of Bihar. 939 farmers are its members and its share-holders who are spread in 17 villages of Barh block. Members are aggregated in smaller groups (15-20 members per group), called Farmer Interest Group (FIG), and these FIGs are federated into Barh Kishan Producer Company (BHKPCL).


The constitution (MOA & AOA) of the producer company has been decided by the farmer members and is registered as a Farmer Producer Company under section 581C(5) of the Part IX-A of the Companies Act 1956 of Govt. of India.

Registration Certificate



Barh Kishan Producer Company Limited (BHKPCL) at Barh is formed with the Vision of becoming a renowned vegetable producer organisation, and establishing systems which can make the company synonymous to green peas, in addition to other vegetable crops.



» To get remunerative price for the produce of member farmers

» To make available timely and quality input to the member farmers at     reasonable rates

» To support member farmers through technical advisory

» To develop efficient market linkages

» To establish network of partners and develop mutual relationship with these     partners for the growth and development of the Organisation



• To provide a better supply-chain and marketing channel for vegetables.

• To improve rural livelihood and economic condition of small and marginal    farmers.

• To improve the company’s ability to consistently establish and meet its goals    and objectives in the best suited way.




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Barh Kishan Producer Company Limited (BHKPCL)

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